Day off

Wednesday, I took a day off. I did not go to work, and I did not use the day to research fertility stuff or make appointments or go to appointments. I realized that it was the first day in ages that I had taken time off and had not used it for the The Project, as I’ve started to think of it.

Instead, I painted this gorgeous old solid wood table—stained with paint splatters on top—with several coats of high-gloss rose-red paint. I bought twelve little houseplants and found homes for them all over our apartment. I finished fixing up the not-nursery, and it is now a pleasant, usable office/art & music studio. I assembled and set up new lamps in each room, and put soft-light bulbs in them. I deposited our $7000 refund from CCRM and immediately used it to pay down a 10% interest credit card, which felt a bit like taking off shackles, and I listened to Led Zeppelin at high volume in my car in celebration as I watched the sun come out from behind gray clouds. I ate pizza, drank a beer, and watched Argo (excellent) with DH on our new television.

It was a good day.


Now back to The Project.

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