CCS: 3 abnormal embryos / Your input re: embryo donation?

A very quick post to let you know…

Got the CCS results of the three out of four embryos they were able to test: All three were abnormal. (I still don’t know what “grade” they ended up being, but I am curious, just to know. Will Ask Dr. S during our phone regroup, which will be, fittingly enough, on Valentine’s Day.) The abnormal results, oddly, are welcome to me, since I’m considering moving on to DE.

But last night DH and I started talking about embryo donation, as well. It seems to be rather new? I don’t hear much about it in the blogosphere. The couple donates their “extra” frozen embryos, and I would undergo an FET. I wonder how challenging it would be to find a half-Asian, half-Caucasion couple who has donated their embryos…

If any of my readers have any thoughts, information, or resources concerning embryo donation, I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I have a friend who is considering embryo adoption…. and they are a biracial couple too. Her husband is caucasian and she is Asian (i cant remember exactly what though). They have not written much about it on their blog, but i wanted to pass it along in case you wanted to write to her, I know the place they will go through if they decide to do this has biracial embyos available., Hope this helps. I do have another friend who went straight to embryo adoption pretty much since her husband has no sperm… and they now have super cute twins! You can do either embryo adoption if you want ties to the genetic family or embryo donation, where I dont think you would have any info.

    • Thank you so much! Excellent information, and I just signed up to follow your friend’s blog. I will be posting a lot about this in the future, I think. Now I’m gonna go check out your blog. (:

  2. I’m so sorry. That is heartbreaking news. There is nothing I can say to make you feel better (I wish I could!) but know that you’re not alone.

    I hadn’t heard much about people using embryo donation, but I know we signed forms before our cycles about whether or not we would allow our embryos to be donated to other folks. We didn’t think much about it since I don’t make enough eggs for us, let alone to share. Keep us updated on what you find out, as that seems like an excellent resource. Big hugs to you and DH.

  3. Jenny

     /  February 5, 2013

    Sorry to hear about the CCS results. But they are consistent with the embryo quality (marked as non-transferrable). This advice comes from a person who has done 5 IVFs/ 1 FET with RSNY, 1 IVF with LIIVF, 3 IVFs / 1 FET with RMANJ, and 1 IVF with CCRM in the last 3 years. If you decide on DEgg (don’t know anything about donor embryo) and if you are paying out of pocket, stick with CCRM or RMANJ. Don’t go near LI clinics. The reason I have done so many treatments with RSNY/LIIVF is because they were covered through the insurance. Looking back, I should have gone to the best clinic right from the beginning even if it meant paying out of pocket. I was not successful with RMANJ but I still consider them a top clinic. They are not that far from you. I live further east from you but I used to commute in the early mornings to their Englewood office and it was not that bad.

    • Thanks for the input re: Long Island clinics. I went to RS of NY for one IUI and did not like Dr. Bray at all. I liked Dr. Brenner at LI IVF and the practice in general has been attentive and responsive—to tell you the truth, we felt much better attended to and cared about there than we did at CCRM. (I haven’t blogged about my personal experience with CCRM staff, but it wasn’t all that great. Not terrible, but not great.) We are keeping LI IVF in the mix but it is good to get recommendations for you of other places to check out. It occurred to me this morning that, because I won’t be going to so many appointments, I could technically take the train into Manhattan to Columbia or Cornell for a DE cycle. Sigh. The research ahead…

  4. HI Melanie… thank you for commenting on my blog. I have would love to connect with you about embryo adoption. I have a lot to update, but have been too lazy to update my blog. I keep procrasticnating. Please email me if you would like to connect.

  5. Bailey143

     /  July 17, 2013

    My husband and I are looking for biracial embryos as well (African American and Caucasian). Any information is appreciated. Thanks so much


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