My new little home

I made it!

The only glitch was taxi-ing on the runway for 45 minutes and having to do my follistim shot 45 minutes late (but CCRM says you have a one hour window, and not to worry). I bought an “economy comfort” seat for an extra sixty bucks so I could stretch out my legs on the plane—a luxury I never allow myself, and thoroughly enjoyed.

I spent my first day in Denver a little jet-lagged and sleep-deprived, but loved going to the natural food market around the corner. I don’t usually allow myself to buy all organic, or even all gluten-free (even though I have a moderate allergy to wheat), because we just can’t afford it. But this time I filled my cart with organic produce only and all gluten-free products—even gluten-free butter! DH had looked up simple healthy recipes for me before I left, and I bought ingredients for every one of them.

I came home and put groceries away in my cute tiny kitchen at Staybridge (it’s like playing house, here, except I’m almost 39 and the stove is real) and then I vegetated on the bed for a few hours, my eyes riveted to the television screen. I’ve never had cable (except when I lived with my parents many moons ago) so I get sucked in pretty quickly and easily by the likes of Top Model, or whatever it’s called. I’d planned on meditating, but instead I found myself eating a lovely salad and rooting for Brittani, the girl from the trailer park. (And she won.)

Then I went and bought a humidifier so I can sleep at night (dry air in here) and a snagged a $3 bouquet of fake red flowers while I was at it, grasped it in my hand as I walked under this wide open baby-blue Colorado sky, snow-capped mountains in the distance. Every time I come here (I’ve been here often) I wonder why I don’t live here.

Here’s a few shots of my filled-up fridge and counter, and the swiss chard I put over red lentils for my dinner tonight. I’m feeding “my girls,” as I sometimes think of them–ovary left and ovary right. Come on girls, I sometimes think to myself. You can do it. Bring out our golden egg. Polish her up and bring her forward.



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