Opening the eyes of our Daruma doll (and Dear Mom & Dad)

I’m leaving for Colorado tomorrow, and what am I doing? Eating oatmeal in bed and looking at photos of friends and family. And now I am posting to you, because my nerves are zinging and my heart is full, and the sun is shining on me through the window. I want to sit here and feel the warmth, for a little while, as I type, before I launch into doing and more doing…

I did not write about it at the time, but not long ago, I asked DH to open my Encycolpedia of Spirits book to a page at random. When he did so, he opened to the page on Daruma: “Daruma is persistent and never gives up, regardless of adversity and setbacks. He is the spirit of new beginnings, goals, and the refusal to admit defeat…he will give you strength and inspiration…he is the Lord of Beginnings, associated with sex, fertility, and childbirth. His red clock is sometimes associated with the amniotic sac, the placenta….Daruma dolls are used by those whose goal is conception: ask for Daruma’s blessings when painting in the first eye. Give him a gift when you paint in the second eye.”

As I told the women’s circle last night, and as my dear friend R and I talked about yesterday: I’ve stopped saying “how weird.” Instead, I now say “of course.” Of course DH turned to that page. He and I have connected so deeply these past few months. Two nights ago, we talked about how we have never felt closer to each other and how we want to get married as soon as we possibly can. I think it was our love that created that roadside “coincidence” I wrote about in the post entitled “I started.” And it is our love that helps me deeply appreciate and manifest everyday magic. Last night, we sang to each other in bed, softly, almost whispering into each other’s ears. Love songs from the 50s. We touched each other’s faces so slowly, and smiled.

So I got us a little Daruma doll. He is about two inches tall. He comes with blank eyes, and you open them by painting them.


Last night, we cradled the Daruma in our hands, by my altar. My hands cradled Daruma, and DH’s hands cradled mine. We looked down at him and it was like looking down at a baby. We clearly stated our intention, together. We want to begin our family. Then we got out some black acrylic paint and painted in one of his little eyes, waking him up, activating him. Then we placed him on the altar where we can see him clearly (and now we take him to the table each time I do my shots) where he can lend strength and encouragement.


While we were at the altar, we decided to add this to it, as well: It’s the packaging that came with the ice packs DH bought for me to keep my meds cold on the airplane. When we looked down at the kitchen table after opening the ice packs, the first thing we saw were these words: “Dear Mom & Dad.” It seemed to be a message not from the ice-pack company but from the universe, already addressing us as, already assuming we are, a mom and a dad.


I placed it right beside this, the list of intentions Sky asked us to create a few weeks ago, which I placed on my altar:


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