My big box of meds

I find it really interesting that my enormous box of IVF meds arrived over a week ago, and I didn’t think to post about it. Not only that, I haven’t, until now, bothered to look up exactly what each medication does. Wow, have I come a long way from my obsessive internet researching days! Entire afternoons, even days, used to get swallowed by my incessant trolling for information—some piece of scientific ballast to help me get through living. Don’t get me wrong: I think research is a good and healthy thing, information is power, but I was taking it to an extreme. Now my touch is much lighter, and my thoughts turn more toward mind-over-matter, and less toward science. I guess I am surrendering control a little, trusting, letting Dr. Schoolcraft and CCRM do their job, while I do mine: keeping myself calm and healthy.

But I did take photos of the meds when they arrived. Thought you would like to see.


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